Build the Legacy

“SigEp is the reason I came to WSU”


    Dylan, Wyatt, and Morgan Clark have been redefining the word “brother” for almost six years now. Dylan, now a graduate student here at Wichita State, paved a new road for himself when he noticed Sigma Phi Epsilon as a freshman. “I could definitely tell SigEp was different, not cookie-cutter. This one was genuine.” Today, Wyatt, a college senior, is the chapter president and Morgan is beginning his sophomore year of college, but his first at WSU. They have all maintained the same goal: Build the Legacy.

    Their role as both blood brothers and fraternity brothers has helped them shape their entire trajectory in school, work, and family; and it all started with one decision. “Dylan started in the fraternity not even knowing anybody, just trying to grow himself and get out there, and that was a big move. Fraternity life wasn’t something we’d ever thought about before, and he paved the road for all of us”. As a high school senior, or even a current college student, Greek life can look intimidating, but these three Clark brothers are a testimony of what Sigma Phi Epsilon can be. Wyatt and Dylan both told of how much they saw themselves in each new recruit they have, and how much they dedicated to making sure they were taken care of. Wyatt noted, “I just want them to have as good of an experience as I did, and I think we really can do that for them.”


  @wyatt37clark  Proud of my little bro  @mclark73  for joining  @sigepwichitastate last night. Looking forward to an awesome senior year with this guy around.😎#Legacy #ThirdClark

@wyatt37clark Proud of my little bro @mclark73 for joining @sigepwichitastatelast night. Looking forward to an awesome senior year with this guy around.😎#Legacy #ThirdClark

    Morgan admits to feeling some pressure, being the youngest in the wake of two older brothers who both held positions in the chapter. Instead of being discouraged by the challenge in front of him, with the help of his brothers, he understands it as an opportunity. The first year of a new college is always the most challenging to adjust to, but it became abundantly clear that Morgan had already made his home here at SigEp. “I’ve already been getting involved in what I can, and it’s really just amazing. Just being in the same place as my fraternity brothers has helped me make a home here.” In contrast to the nervous freshman or transfer that most of us are, when asked about how being in a new house and school made him feel, he simply responded, “If anything, it’s amped me up.” That kind of confidence, security, and fellowship is what we aim to give anybody who walks through our door.

    When they’re not studying for an MBA, running the entire chapter, or shifting into life at a new university, they’ve found SigEp to be the best place for their social lives, too. “You really see people in a whole new light. You get close to them and build relationships you never would have had otherwise.” They all agreed that their brothers were something they had SigEp to thank for, and something they wouldn’t trade for anything. Naturally, though, when guys get together, particularly brothers, things can get competitive. With a smirk, Wyatt remarks, “Things can, uh, get a little competitive between Morgan and me...Especially when we’re on different teams.” They all laughed, and Wyatt added, “But when we’re on the same team...It can get deadly.”

    The Clark brothers really do represent the best snapshot of Sigma Phi Epsilon we at the Wichita State chapter have: the new member Morgan, the senior Wyatt, and the graduated Dylan. Together, they are a living example of how a brave choice to try to improve yourself and your school can have an impact that lasts even after you’ve gone. They’ve each brought their absolute best to the house, but have received far more from it. We are all so excited to see what fantastic things will be happening here at Sigma Phi Epsilon with Wyatt at the helm and Morgan paving his own way, and our red door is open to anybody who wants to Build the Legacy with us.


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